Not everyone can be romanced.



Published at dusie #19: Asian-Anglophone


If you awaken with no memories after a blast, trust anyone
who gives you a weapon.

The right hand
is the soldier. The left hand is the spy.
Some tasks are best accomplished
by diplomacy, some by subterfuge,
some by force.

It is quite disappointing to kill something
only to discover you cannot use it
as a crafting material.

You appreciate a castle in the mountains
the better for having been given a
dinky little village with wooden huts first.

If someone’s approval is high enough, they will tell you
more about themselves. Sufficient disapproval
can make someone a drunk or a traitor.

Not everyone can be romanced.

Dead companions
will get up at the end of a battle. Only your choices
can cause them to leave the party forever.

All of your choices are
supposed to have meaningful consequences. You learn
to crave it. You are what you want.

Notes: The roleplaying game Dragon Age: Inquisition was released by Bioware in 2014. This poem is after “Nine Ways in which Pac-Man Speaks to the Human Condition” by Katie Willingham.

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