Publications / Media


This Is Where I Won't Be Alone Cover

Grin to Grin — RECLINER

Dear Famous Poet — Letters Journal, Yale Institute of Sacred Music

Oyster — Fairy Tale Review

On the Moon — Quarterly Literary Review Singapore Vol. 16 No. 1

The Princess and the Dragon — Psychopomp #9

Crawling — Quarterly Literary Review Singapore Vol. 14. No. 4

Why, Grandmother — Print-Oriented Bastards #7

Talking to Strangers — The Irish Literary Review


The Golem Speaks, Asylum — diode poetry

Sitting in the Rubble, A Quiet Night Alone — Zócalo Public Square

Ocean, Unspoken, Persimmons, Diaspora — Creative Arts Programme Singapore 30 Years Commemorative Publication

Your Powers are Formidable — Faultline, Volume 28, Spring 2019

Origin Story, Return — The Kindling #6

The Long Circuit — Hyphen Magazine

I Am Trying to Care about You as a Person but You Keep Turning Me into a Bear (Pushcart Prize nomination, Editors’ Prize Finalist), Not Cute, Work and Idolatry — Foothill Journal #8 (listen)

Sanctuary — Winner of the Academy of American Poets Prize

Apology for Bread — The Rupture (formerly The Collagist) #95

Throw Yourself Down from Here, The Source of the Darkness was Unconfirmed — descant #56

Proclamation, Wayang Wayang — LONTAR #9

Animating Principle, Goodness is a Fruit, Romance Novel, Toil — Softblow

Laurel — Rattle #54, Winter 2016

Tyranny — A Luxury We Must Afford: An Anthology of Singapore Poetry

Rapture of the Deep, Inquisition, Let’s Not Wait Until After the Apocalypse — dusie #19

Tragic Flaws — Singapore Poetry

At the Dentist in Michigan — 2015 Singapore Poetry Contest Winner

Essays & Reviews

Boxes with Nothing Inside: Narratives of Loss in Yoko Ogawa’s The Memory Police Fare Forward

Writing Before and After a Pandemic: Myths, Demons, and Healing Centre for Stories

Poems That Can Save Your Life a Little: Two Poetry Playlists for Distressing Times Zócalo Public Square

Home, Truly? with a curated playlist of songs for everyone caught between worlds, yearning for connection, and searching for who and what to call home

“Crazy Rich Asians” isn’t Pride and Prejudice — it’s the Kardashians — Medium

Longing & Belonging: An Interview with Jennani Durai and Inez Tan — Mackerel

Something Familiar in the Astonishing: An Interview with Michael Andreasen — Michigan Quarterly Review

Review: State of Emergency by Jeremy Tiang — Singapore Unbound

Review: The Gatekeeper by Nuraliah Norasid Singapore Unbound

Review: Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal Singapore Unbound

Featured in Civics Lessons From the 2016 ElectionThe Atlantic

You Have to Enjoy What You’re Doing in Order to Do Something Good — The Kairos Journal

Roleplaying Faith in Dragon Age: Inquisition — Fare Forward

Review: The Glass Cage by Nicholas Carr Fare Forward

Review: The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison Fare Forward

Review: When My Brother Was An Aztec by Natalie Diaz — Fare Forward

Disappearing Bodies (on Spencer Reece) — Fare Forward

Wooden Minds (on Flannery O’Connor) — Fare Forward

Interviews, Video, Podcasts, & Other Media

Finding Her Place University of California, Irvine News

“The Goose Girl” and “Lee Kuan Yew Is Not Always the Answer” (recorded livestreamed reading with poet Kat Finch) Good Words Reading Series

Borderline Citizen: A Conversation with Robin Hemley — The Adroit Journal

“What Can Poetry Offer Us in Distressing Times?” (recorded livestreamed panel with Former United States Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera and Arizona Poet Laureate Alberto Ríos) Zócalo Public Square

In the Green Room with Zócalo Zócalo Public Square

How Will COVID-19 Change Higher Ed? (Season 2 Episode 3) Consequential Podcast from Carnegie Mellon University’s Block Center for Technology and Society

A Space for Magnanimity: Talking with E. J. Koh The Rumpus

The Multicultural Imagination in Contemporary American Poetry Poets at Work Podcast, in association with Claremont Graduate University and the Kingsley and Kate Tufts Poetry Awards

A People and Their Stories: On the Writing of “Edison and Curie”Read!Fest 2019, The Next Chapter Book Club, National Reading Movement, National Library Board Singapore

Interview: Inez TanCentre for Stories

Interview: Inez Tan on Fiction and Poetry — The Museum of Non-visible Art on Yale University Radio

On Writing Place: An Interview with Inez TanMichigan Quarterly Review

Interview: Inez Tan on This Is Where I Won’t Be Alone — Radio 938NOW, On the Scene with Eugene